Proximity warning system specialist, ZoneSafe is pleased to announce the launch of its latest product innovation. The new ‘ATEX Tag’ uses established ZoneSafe technology to protect people and assets operating in ATEX 2/22 environments. ATEX environments are hazardous workplaces that pose a risk of explosion. These high-risk areas are required to meet strict safety compliance requirements under EU Directive 94/9/EC, commonly known as the ATEX directive.  The directives are designed to ensure the safety of products in explosive environments.

ZoneSafe’s ATEX Tag has gained approval by ATEX for use in Zone 2 (explosive gas atmosphere not likely to occur in normal operation but may be present for short periods) worksites and Zone 22 (explosive dust air mixture not likely to occur in normal operation but may be present for short periods) worksites.

“At ZoneSafe we are always developing new and innovative ways to make workplaces safer. The introduction of the ATEX Tag allows new and existing customers to benefit from the protection of ZoneSafe technology in areas that pose a risk of explosion. These are very high risk and specialist working areas that require reliable safety systems to ensure the highest level of protection for people and assets,” said ZoneSafe General Manager David Thomas. “As specialists in workplace safety systems, we work closely with customers in high-risk industries to identify risks and provide the best safety solution for their specific needs. The new fully approved ATEX Tag system makes ZoneSafe available to customers that were previously unable to benefit from our market leading proximity warning solutions. We look forward to helping businesses that operate in ATEX environments do so in the safest way by utilising ZoneSafe technology to reduce the risk of collision between pedestrians, vehicles, hazards and assets.”