In addition to standard products, Festo also offers system solutions, customised components and services that are tailored to the precise requirements of individual customers:
As an engineering partner, we work with and for our customers to develop innovative solutions that will secure them a competitive edge.
We offer them ready-to-install solutions, custom-made for their specific requirement, thus reducing the complexity of engineering, logistics and assembly.
Our comprehensive service and support structure helps them throughout the entire value chain.
Protection and structure: control cabinets for factory automation
Control cabinets offer protection against external influences such as moisture, dust, voltage, gases and extreme temperatures. They also offer safety for people and the environment, for example in case of high voltages. Lockable control cabinets also provide protection against manipulation.
Protection and structure: control cabinets for process automation
Customised control cabinets for process automation protect all pneumatic, electrical and electronic components. The control cabinets form Festo are often used as “command centres” comprising a control system, valve terminals and compressed air preparation. This makes them the core of complete automation solution.