Leader in the effervescent tablets sector

The Romaco Group’s decision to purchase the assets of Medipac AB, the Swedish manufacturer of tube filling machines, will strengthen its position in the effervescents sector. The Medipac portfolio will in future be integrated in the Romaco Siebler brand. The contracts were signed on 25/11/2015.

The Romaco Group has just acquired the assets of Medipac AB, a premier Swedish manufacturer of tube filling machines for effervescent tablets. The transaction was officially closed on 25/11/2015. The Medipac portfolio will in future be integrated in the Romaco Siebler brand, which is based in Karlsruhe (Germany). Medipac has its headquarters in Hässleholm (Sweden) and its experts will continue to provide valuable support to the Romaco Group.

Siebler has belonged to Romaco Pharmatechnik GmbH since 1998 and is today a leading supplier of strip packaging solutions for effervescents. Medipac’s tube filling technologies for effervescent tablets will round off the Romaco Siebler portfolio in this area. On the process side, Romaco will be able to create new synergetic effects with its Innojet and Kilian brands for granulating, coating and tableting effervescent powders. Cartoning and final packaging solutions in the Romaco Promatic series can be connected downstream of the Medipac filling machines.

“With the acquisition of Medipac AB, Romaco will become the only supplier in the world to offer complete line configurations for all effervescents”, emphasised Paulo Alexandre, CEO Romaco Group. “This unique selling point will enable Romaco to further extend its position as market leader for effervescent manufacturing and packaging technologies in the pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and healthcare industries.”

Medipac – established in Hässleholm (Sweden) in 2002 – is specialised in the development and manufacture of tube filling machines for effervescent tablets. Medipac machines are based on a modular design that gives users the maximum possible flexibility when implementing their respective technologies. The result: cost-efficient filling processes which can easily be adapted to any production environment. Medipac currently serves the international markets for effervescent pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, and is particularly strong in Eastern Europe and the U.S.

Careful handling is a must

The manufacture and processing of effervescent tablets call for specialist expertise when it comes to granulating, coating and pressing the products and packing them into tubes or strips. Effervescents tend to be very sensitive to air, light and humidity as well as fragile and highly friable. These factors have to be considered at all stages of manufacturing and the processes adapted accordingly. Effervescent tablets sold in tubes are ideal for daily use. If the products are only needed sporadically – or if they are especially susceptible to environmental factors – Romaco Siebler unit dose strip packaging makes a good alternative.

“We were on the lookout for a partner who would not only take over the business but also continue to run it in the spirit of its founders. Romaco is exactly right for us”, stressed Peter Jocic, Member of the Supervisory Board, Medipac AB. “We anticipate that the integration in the Romaco Siebler brand will pave the way for Medipac products to achieve lasting commercial and technological success.”

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