Control Engineering Solutions, based in Northern Ireland, is one of the UK systems integrators to have completed a project using Progea Movicon 11 SCADA.

“We are very impressed,” says company spokesman, Bill Neill. “Movicon offers unbelievable value, and will enable us to win additional future business. It is a fully- armed package that offers every possible feature. For example, a recent project that we have completed in the medical sector required that the SCADA package have a historical reporting function. With other SCADA packages this is usually an added cost, bolt-on item; however, with Movicon the historian is part of the standard package at no extra cost.”

“We also like the fact that Movicon is easy to use and develop – and that there are no development costs associated with the package, a factor that really helps improve our competitiveness in tight quotation situations.”

Paul Hurst, MD of P4A, the UK agent for package said in one recent project Movicon was chosen over a competitor’s SCADA because it integrated all the required functionality, offered a built-in report designer, and provided the facility to log data to an SQL database. As a result the customer saved over 60 per cent on licence costs.

“This is just one example of cost saving with Movicon. The SCADA’s built in report designer uses the Crystal Reports runtime engine to display reports on any PC: this runtime engine is also free. The reports can be configured by the user, as the report generator is very easy to use. Once they have been developed, the reports can be sent direct to key personnel for analysis, without the requirement for additional web clients. In addition, they can also be sent to them via the web to anyone who needs to view them. The product can also use as standard an SQL database to log all SCADA data.”


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