SRB split roller bearings are proving successful in a water treatment process thanks to Revolvo’s innovative bearing sealing solution.

The bearings have been specified by Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) manufacturer Ovivo after other bearings were shown to fail under the harsh conditions. Revolvo sealed SRBs are designed to withstand full submersion in sludge, needing only routine re-greasing to last many years.

Each RBC has up to six modules of four to six discs which rotate at 1-2rpm to assure proper growth of biological film on the disc. When water levels rise it is common that the shaft and bearings become fully submerged by the effluent. This can lead to bearings failing after a few months if they are not adequately sealed, as the consistency of the sludge makes ingress into the bearing’s components possible.

Revolvo bearings have been well proven in many water treatment applications; the sealing solution that they have developed has allowed SRB split roller bearings to operate in fully submerged conditions for over five years with no more maintenance than standard regreasing required.

Adrian Menzies, Revolvo’s sales and marketing director, says: “Thanks to a very effective sealing system our bearings are capable of surviving far longer than traditional bearings with no more than basic maintenance.”

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