Traditionally, to fully inspect entire components and assemblies, manufacturers often require multiple systems. Even if they are scanned, manufacturers can struggle to retrieve the necessary insights to improve their production process.

To provide manufacturers with access to this equipment and data, industrial metrology supplier, The Sempre Group, now offers CT systems as well as industrial CT scanning and data analysis services from its Ireland office. The new system and service will allow manufacturing customers to see both internal and external features of their component, with applications including GD&T, defect analysis and Part-to-CAD comparison.

While manufacturers can purchase costly CT scanners in the UK and Ireland, users are left to analyse their own data, which can be challenging without the necessary visualisations. Incorrectly analysing results can have a negative impact on productivity, particularly in highly regulated industries, such as aerospace and medical.

To help customers improve scanning efficiency and improve data analysis, The Sempre Group has introduced the RX Solutions EasyTom to its Dublin site. The new system is available for both purchase at an affordable cost as well as for contract scanning services.

Sempre EasyTom CT Scanner

“The gap in the market is efficiency ­– often manufacturers need multiple systems to measure a component completely, and sometimes it can take as long as five days to measure things like plastic injected moulded parts,” explained Jason McGlynn, commercial manager of The Sempre Group.

“The new EasyTom enables us to introduce an all-in-one solution. All we need to do is put the customer’s part in the scanner and after only one hour, we can tell them everything they need to know.

“Visualisation is important and is something that we already offer with many of our measurement systems,” continued Mr. McGlynn. “We can help manufacturers gain a better understanding of the internal working and quality of their parts by showing them as 3D models. We then give them a report with all the data included so they can act on it accordingly.”

The Sempre Group now offers a range of services, including failure investigation. Engineers will take a CT scan to create a cross sectional plane of the component, allowing the customer to select a slice and accurately measure the internal geometry, gaining a clear overview of the component’s internal quality. Each slice can be analysed without damaging the external component, giving the manufacturer total oversight of the component’s build quality.

Customers can also approach The Sempre Group for CAD comparison, which compares the component’s scan dataset with a CAD model supplied by the customer. Engineers will compare the component on alignment to the model, with colour-coded results clearly showing where the part deviates. Part-to-CAD comparison can highlight any differences that have occurred between components when manufactured in different locations or using different processes or tool cavities. Comparison processes show manufacturers any slight changes in quality, allowing them to pre-emptively recalibrate or service machinery that is out of tolerance.

To showcase the benefits of CT scanning for manufacturing companies, Sempre will be hosting a webinar on 24 August for everyone who would like to see it in action.