Universal Robots outlines how the true value of automation comes from implementing robots simply as a tool, and how this can help ease key challenges currently facing Irish manufacturers

At Universal Robots we believe automation should be attainable by everyone, no matter the size of the company or the industry they work in. We want to show that implementing robotic automation into operations doesn’t have to bend budgets and isn’t anything to be afraid of.

Our collaborative robots are designed to work as an extension to the human workforce, not as a separate unit, lending a helping hand wherever it is required. To improve your bottom-line, robots don’t need to think for themselves or do anything complicated. Just by performing routine tasks such as mundane tending or packaging they can improve your productivity. 

With the pressures of Brexit currently weighing down on the sector, collaborate robots provide a safe future investment by increasing output per worker and helping deal with any labour shortages that materialise.  

Ready to see the cobots in action?

If you’d like a hands-on experience on how the cobots work in practice, then please join us on the last two stops of our Irish automation tour! At the events, you’ll get a chance to master your first robotic move in a matter of minutes, and hear directly from industry experts how smart automation can help your business grow.

To register for one of our upcoming events in Kerry on the 23rd of October followed by Cork on the 24th,  please visit: https://info.universal-robots.com/ne/ie/urplusevents2019.

You can read more about Universal Robots and our cobots on our website: https://www.universal-robots.com/.