With SmartMONITOR monitoring the real-time up and down time of machines and equipment gives greater transparency of the operation and enables bottlenecks, repetitive fault codes, unscheduled downtime to be identified and acted upon quickly.

SmartMONITOR is an intelligent alternative for industrial companies looking for a way to quickly and easily gather reliable data to optimise their manufacturing processes. Intelligent networking of stack lights creates a simple, low-cost retrofit alternative to conventional, complex and costly SCADA systems.

The system uses andon lights triggered by status changes in the machine or equipment operating status.


  1. Identify machine downtime and improve productivity
  2. Visualise disruptions in production processes and react quickly
  3. Affordable wireless retrofit solution, simple to install, easy to use
  4. Improve transparency of the operation, reduce wastage get lean

Installing SmartMONITOR in a few easy steps

Benefits and features:

• Monitor machine and workstation status

• Reduce downtime and wastage

• Accurate and continuous status change logging

• Real-time views

• Call-for-action / e-mail notification

• Automatic reports and analyses

• Easy to retro-fit / install

If you would like to learn more about SmartMONITOR, or to arrange a free demonstration please contact:




Tel: 01536 486930