Cognex Corporation has integrated advanced 2DMax+ code reading software technology into the DataMan 100 and 200 fixed-mount barcode readers.

With 2DMax+, the readers can identify and decode severely damaged or poorly marked 2D matrix codes and are unaffected by variations in lighting, marking method, code quality or surface finish.

“2DMax+ is proven in 2D decoding,” says Carl Gerst, vice president and business unit manager, ID Products. “Following the success of 2DMax+ in the advanced DataMan 300 and 500 series of fixed position barcode readers, we now deliver it to end users who need a smaller form factor. This is helpful food, beverage, pharmaceutical and consumer goods packaging sectors.

“Barcode reading in these industries are often challenging due to poor print quality, varying part sizes, curved surfaces and labels damaged by environmental factors or supply chain activity. 2DMax+ helps these users achieve the highest reading yields and maximize throughput.”

Cognex Corporation  

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