Dust Build up can affect your People, Products and Processes. In Warehouse and Factory environments there are many processes that can pollute the Indoor environment.


How can my Indoor environment be polluted?

In Warehouse and Manufacturing facilities air pollutants, can be generated from both internal and external sources

External sources:

When there is little to no mechanical ventilation in place in a warehouse there is often a requirement for natural ventilation in the facility. External sources such as exhausts from vehicles, pollution from manufacturing plants or even dust from local quarries or beaches can often be carried into the facility through natural ventilation.

Internal Sources:

In Warehouse facilities, many pollutants are generated by general operations of the facility. From exhaust from Delivery trucks infiltrating the facility to the fumes generated from lifting equipment there are many sources that can generate particles that can affect the operation of the facility. In manufacturing facilities the manufacturing process can lead to increase poor air quality.

What solutions are available?

To best deal with poor air quality it is best to treat the problem at source. In a facility with adequate air filtration, through the HVAC system, the air filters should be stopping the external pollutants from entering the factory. But as there are other ways air can be contaminated the use of air cleaners is a great solution to supplement your HVAC system

The CC6000

The CC6000 is Camfils Industrial Air Cleaner used in Warehouses and Manufacturing Facilities around the world. Using En1822 Tested and Certified H13 HEPA filters ensures that the air is cleaned to Clean Room Standard. The Units can be ceiling or floor mounted or come with wheels so the unit can be used in various different locations throughout the manufacturing facility





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