Workplace equipment supplier Slingsby is urging businesses and organisations across all industries to stock up early with salt in preparation for winter, and to avoid inferior products that often fail to melt snow and ice

Singsby supplies more than 35,000 workplace products across all industries, including an extensive range of winter products from snow shovels to grit bins.  Four years ago the company opened a state of the art salt distribution and bagging plant enabling it to offer next day delivery throughout the UK, on all quantities of salt and rock salt, ranging from 25 kg to several tonnes.
Lee Wright, Group Sales and Marketing Director at Slingsby, explains: “Every year workplaces are caught out because they wait until bad weather hits before thinking about their salt stocks and then find themselves caught up in an inevitable rush to buy it.  Our purpose built salt plant enables us to maintain a supply of high quality salt products throughout winter, but it’s worth remembering that salt is easy to store and keeps for a long time so it makes sense to stock up with it early. 
“Workplaces should also be aware that salt quality can vary greatly when it comes to melting snow and ice. Salt should meet BS 3247: 1991, which means it contains less than four per cent moisture and can be spread easily and effectively. 
“There are also two main salt products that are used for de-icing purposes consisting of white salt and brown rock salt.  White salt is clean to handle and leaves no residue whereas rock salt contains mudstone, so while it’s not as pure as white salt, it goes a long way making it perfect for large sites.”