Learn the theory of lean manufacturing techniques and to examine the operation of a Lean manufacturing cell.

A consortium of nine of the most innovative suppliers to the manufacturing sector have formed The Lean Workshop Group. They comprise Bosch Rexroth, Spitfire Consultancy & Training, SICK UK, K. Hartwall, Orgatex, Bosch Power Tools, iCart, Hurst Green Plastics and WERMA Signaltechnik.
The Group has created a demonstration production cell for the seminars which will help to explain how Lean manufacturing is implemented, and how it can help companies to improve their efficiency, competitive position and profitability.
The cell embodies the latest developments in Lean manufacturing technology and manufactures real products. These are produced in a wide range of variants to show how effectively Lean manufacturing handles present-day requirements for high-mix production.
The seminars are complemented by practical sessions in the production cell and all those who attend can discuss their own specific problems and requirements with the presenters. Topics covered include value stream mapping, work content and workplace design, dimensioning of the KANBAN control loop, design of KANBAN boards, the customer order in the ERP system, levelling, and the design of Heijunka boards.
Free of charge and open to all interested parties, more information about the programme can be found on the Lean Workshop Group website. We ask you to pre-book your place as numbers are limited – to ensure that we can offer you the best experience on the day.