Festo provides ready-to-install standard handling systems in an all inclusive package, fully assembled, tested and including energy chain, connection technology and the appropriate drive package. The individual components match each other perfectly and guarantee reliable operation. This allows you to concentrate on your core business and increase your production.
Benefits at a glance:
  • Economical:

    • Reduces Engineering Time.
    • One optimised package reduces time on logistics & commissioning.
  • Everything from a single source

    • One system including hardware, software & optimised drive package.:
  • Ready to install.

    • Completely assembled, pre-adjusted, all tubing & fittings included and all fully tested.
    • Including all users documentation accordance with EU directives.
  • Versatile

    • Solutions for a wide variety of applications. – Electric pneumatic or a combination of both available.
  • Reliable

    • Tried and tested standard axes.
    • Perfectly coordinated components.
    • Global after sales service.
    • Local presence for onsite assistance


Single axis system: YXCS

The single axis system YXCS with its high mechanical rigidity and sturdy design is ideal for long, one-dimensional strokes and large loads.

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Linear Gantry: YXCL

High mechanical rigidity makes it reliable and precise, even with very long strokes of up to 3000mm in the Y direction. Different sizes and variants make the YXCL suitable for a great variety of applications.

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Planar surface gantries YXCF

The planar surface gantry YXCF is an assembly of several axis modules to produce a movement in 2D space. For very high requirements in terms of precision and/or very heavy workpieces, even with long strokes.

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Three dimensional gantries YXCR

For three dimensional movements in a space. Ideal for very long strokes of up to 3000mm in the X direction, even with heavy loads. The combination of several axis modules can be used anywhere for light to heavy workpieces or large payloads.