Why do companies spend considerable time and funds gaining ISO 9001 accreditation? For the answer to this simply ask a few of the millions of companies in over one hundred and eighty countries. They will all give roughly the same answer. ISO 9001 is a quality management system which defines how a company meets the requirements of its customers.

In addition to the ‘Customer comes first’ element, ISO 9001 is there to show customers that the company is in safe hands with a management that is determined to improve its services and processes year-on year and that it has all the safety systems in place with regards to staff and IT. Also, there is an increasing number of companies who will not do business with a supplier who is not ISO 9001 accredited.

That the Bristol Sales & Service Centre was able to achieve ISO 9001 was largely due to the hard work of the team there supported by Thorite’s Sales Director, Alan Donkersley who said: “There were some very good reasons for the Bristol Sales & Service Centre to achieve ISO 9001 accreditation. The principle one being that major companies will not deal with suppliers who don’t have accreditation.”

“We have extremely enthusiastic staff at the Bristol Sales & Service Centre who were immediately on board as soon as the decision was taken. After three months of intensive work with a locally-based auditor the Bristol Sales & Service Centre now has its certificate.”

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