When you want to make the most of your space, increase your productivity and reduce your labour costs, there’s no better choice than a multi layer palletiser. A multi palletiser can be the right choice for low product flows and several lines. You can palletise up to 12 lines using a single machine, achieving a space-efficient and a cost-efficient solution.

The layer palletisers are capable of multi pallet handling – Euro, Chep and display pallets. The DAN-Palletisers can also be integrated with stretch wrappers, automatic depalletising, pallet conveyor systems and pallet weighing and labelling systems.

The fundamental principle in multi palletising is the ability to feed from more than 1 line to the single palletiser. The system is based on a short accumulation of products, corresponding to one layer, and when the layer is ready, the products of one type are then placed onto the correct pallet.

Slow or High Speed – from 4 to 12 Production Lines, and Surprisingly Simple to Handle

DAN-Palletiser has designed a solution that handles products from up to 12 lines into one single palletising unit. Efficient and effective stacking of multi SKU or products from several production lines onto different pallets.The pallet loads are being built side by side, making the layouts very space efficient.

Simple, Reliable, Quick recovery and In-House programming by your operators

The capacity is up to 6 layers/min. Direct feeding into separate layer forming levels increases the speed, but reduces the buffering requirements. Modern design and electronic control make these “Duplex “(two level machines) extremely reliable and maintenance-friendly. The recovery times are short and efficiencies of our solutions exceed 98% OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency). And the whole process is very operator friendly.

DAN-Palletiser´s robotic layer palletisers are able to sort and stack many varied products, cartons, boxes, crates, bags or trays onto pallets at the same time. Always neat, tidy and regular pallet loads, all within a compact footprint.

-In a Swedish dairy a multi-palletiser was recently installed to palletise from three production lines at the same time. This machine sorts the varied products from the individual lines and places them onto the correct pallets. The management of the dairy commented: “It is a brilliant concept, a brilliant piece of machinery, and it feels really good that we have succeeded with a project which everybody in our company is happy about”.

-A recent installation at a U.K. cereal manufacturer handles four products onto four pallets simultaneously, at up to 72 boxes per minute.

The installation of a multi-palletiser will give your company a huge reduction in costs, improve your efficiency and “lift your bottom line”. The machine tolerates imperfect or bulging packs and individual products, because each layer is gently re-centrered when placed on the pallet. No grabbing, squeezing or multiple picks. Each pack is handled individually. Always neat, tidy and compact layers with no gaps, resulting in very stable pallet loads. After only limited operator training, the operators can set up new patterns themselves. A minimum of maintenance, and all parts “off the shelf”. Also available on flexible financial terms.