Rotronic manufactures water activity analysers to measure the ‘free’ moisture available within food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products of all types. This is a good, qualitative indicator of product stability and shelf life. Controlling this moisture improves product quality overall. Rotronic analysers provide accurate measurements in typically less than five minutes.

The Rotronic range includes the AwTherm analyser with full sample temperature control; the HygroLab C1 laboratory analyser for up to four interchangeable probes; handhelds for making spot-checks offline and a PC-based solution which is perfect when visiting suppliers’ sites.  The sensors can be calibrated to confirm performance.  Full technical specifications are available on the Rotronic website.  An analyser demonstration can be arranged on-site at any time.

Rotronic is a global company designing, manufacturing and developing instruments for the reliable measurement of temperature, humidity, water activity, indoor CO2, pressure and airflow. We have UKAS / ISO 17025 accreditation for temperature, humidity and dew point calibration.

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