The system, simple to retrofit to existing FIFO flow racking solves many typical Kanban issues, increases significantly the floor space for value adding activities and increases cash flow. StockSAVER automatically calls up material replenishment requirements and thereby reduces the margin for human error and will significantly cut the amount of line-side safety stock being held.

Few Kanban systems are completely free from errors and weak spots such as:

  • Kanban cards not processed promptly.
  • Cards mislaid or damaged.
  • Just missed the milk-round for collection of cards.

The solution: Third generation Kanban

WERMA’s StockSAVER can resolve these issues and can reduce margins for error in other ways too:

  • Stock withdrawals from a rack no longer have to be scanned.
  • No more manual arithmetic calculation of stock levels being held line-side.

How does it work?

  • Intelligent sensors fitted to the FIFO racking give total transparency of stock levels.
  • Replenishment is automatically called up once the sensor detects the bin has been removed.
  • Data wirelessly transmitted to control station view and database giving perfect transparency on stock levels and replenishment orders.


  • Easy to retro-fit to existing flow racks
  • Reduce level of line-side stock held – no need for excessive safety stocks.
  • Reduce number of flow racks required.
  • Free up shop floor space for other activities.
  • Reduce human errors.
  • Elimination of line-side stock-outs.
  • Improve cash-flow through reduction in stock.

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