The Zephyr III is ideal for industrial process contamination, source capture, and for plants requiring periodic dust collection at various locations.


Pulse-Cleaned Portable Dust and Fume Collector

The Zephyr is a portable air cleaner for capturing welding fumes, grinding dusts, dry dusts, and soldering fumes, and other airborne particles.


Three Stages of Filtration

  • Primary Spark Trap
  • Gold Cone® HemiPleat®
  • Carbon after filter



  • The Zephyr has 700 cfm capacity at the capture hood, 1250 cfm free air.
  • It is equipped with large wheels and brakes for ease in moving and positioning. Powder coated surface finish inside and out. Venturi assisted pulse cleaning. Dust drawer grid minimizes dust re-entrainment.
  • 110/1/60 VAC motor (other voltages available). Thermal overload in motor starter switch.