MMS Electronic has available a 5.7” and 7” Intelligent TFT graphic display EA  eDIPTFT57-A 640×480 pixel and eDIPTFT70-A 800×480 pixel LED backlit display, built-in intelligence and innovative user-friendly features. Resistive or capacitive touch-screen option.  These intelligent display reduce development time and cost. It provides the ideal platform for development of interactive controls. For example, a virtual keyboard, analogue rotary instrument, bar graphs can be generated on the screen with just a few simple commands. Sounds ranging from simple clicks, notes or jingles acting as warning or status messages. The on-board memory stores images, animations and macro programs. The unit features two analogue inputs in addition to 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs.  On-board interface is serial, I2C and SPI or USB, RS232, RS485 with level converter. Display can be securely fitted with DIP (or ZIF) connector and stylish front panel bezel.


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