In order serve Irish customers faster and more efficiently, Acal BFi have opened a dedicated sales and customer service office in Maynooth, just outside Dublin.

The Irish market is a growing force in the area of high technology and continues to attract global companies who are keen to place the hub of their strategic business activities in Ireland. Acal BFi has enjoyed considerable success over the years in supplying a wide range of solutions to Irish customers which has seen year on year growth.

Headed by general manager Dennis McTeggart, along with sales applications engineer Stuart Woods and two sales support staff, the Irish hub works closely with the UK sales and technical support teams to provide a high level of customer service and rapid response to customer orders and questions.

The team will introduce customers to the wider portfolio in the Acal BFi range whilst sourcing new business in the region.

Acal BFi UK managing director, Tony Lioveri commented: “We are delighted to announce the opening of an Irish office which will allow us to serve our Irish customers more efficiently and help us to react faster to the ever increasing business opportunities the Irish market has to offer.”

In addition to the range of advanced technology solutions found on the Acal BFi website, the Irish office also supply the full range of data and telecommunications network infrastructure products provided by sister company Cabcon, which includes copper and fibre network infrastructure solutions.