Excelsys Technologies, a leading supplier of high efficiency modular power supplies, has announced that their UltiMod and Xgen families of power supplies are now compliant to SEMI F47, an essential standard requirement for Semiconductor Processing Voltage Sag Immunity.

Factory automation equipment requires very high levels of power quality due to the sensitivity of the fabrication equipment and process controls.

“Semiconductor processing equipment, in particular, can be vulnerable to voltage sags on the input line” says Dermot Flynn, Director of Sales for Excelsys, “The UltiMod and Xgen families compliance to SEMI F47, ensures that our customers equipment, and their customers semiconductor production, are unaffected by voltage dips or sags”.

A voltage sag (or dip) is defined as a decrease in rms voltage or current below 90% of nominal for durations of half an AC cycle to one minute, but not a complete interruption. Voltage sags can have many causes such as severe weather conditions, utility equipment operations or failures as well as adjacent customers power demands. Many of us will have seen the effects of voltage sag (such as momentary dimming of incandescent lights), but in a production environment input voltage sag can cause a production shutdown, leading to significant revenue losses.

The SEMI F47-0706 standard defines minimum voltage sag immunity requirements for equipment to be used in the semiconductor industry. These immunity requirements state that the equipment must operate without interruption during voltage sags that are specified by sag depth (in percent of nominal voltage remaining during the sag) and voltage sag duration (in cycles or seconds).

The UltiMod and Xgen families meet the required Voltage Sag Immunity of 200ms at 50% Voltage Sag as well as meeting 20ms hold up for a complete loss of input line voltage.

Excelsys power supplies come with a 5 year warranty coupled with an efficiency specification of up to 92%. UltiMod and Xgen can be populated with up to 6 off the shelf powerMod output modules which have power ratings of 72W to 288W and can supply any combination of voltages from 1.5V to 58V. All outputs are fully isolated and may be connected in series or parallel for maximum flexibility and all are individually adjustable over a wide range. All possible output configurations carry full safety agency approvals, UL60950, EN60950 and are CE marked. All models have a permanently on 5VDC bias/standby voltage, power good LED indicators and individual output module control signals.

Applications for Excelsys UltiMod and Xgen user configurable modular power supplies include: Wafer Fabrication, Optical Inspection, Wire bonding, and Automated Test Equipment.