Hepcomotion’s linear motion products have been incorporated in a special purpose labelling machine designed by York-based Sessions Label Solutions for an international confectionary company.

A single machine was required to apply security labels to all four sides of a box of sweets and also to accommodate a range of pack sizes. That meant designing a system whose labelling heads and parallel conveyors could be moved in unison to pre-determined positions to accord with box dimensions. The basis of the resulting system is two pairs of parallel conveyors mounted on linear slides that are coupled together to form an ‘L’ shape. These parallel conveyors on each leg of the handling system provide the means to adjust the width to suit the different box sizes. This has to be precisely accomplished as the customer requires L-clip labels to be applied. To achieve this, the box has to overhang the 30mm wide conveyors on two opposing sides, so that label can be affixed to the side and bottom faces of the box.

Sessions chose the HepcoMotion double-acting PSD80 linear actuator as it allows the adjustment of both conveyors from the operator side.