PFM’s top-of-range Vetta vertical form-fill-seal machine is now equipped with a new ultrasonic sealing system that improves seal efficiency in difficult environments and helps save materials. “The Vetta is one of PFM’s most popular models as a result of its high performance and capacity to produce over 20 different pack styles, including reclosable, from a single machine,” says PFM sales and operations director Chris Bolton.

“Ultrasonic sealing brings further advantages, particularly for handling frozen food and dusty products that may contaminate the seal area.”

Unlike conventional heat sealing in which heat is applied to the outside the film, ultrasonic technology generates the heat for the sealing process from within the film. This means wet, damp and dusty surfaces can be hermetically sealed while the joint sets virtually immediately, achieving full strength for maximum production speeds.

Using ultrasound rather than traditional heat sealing also allows joints to be narrower, saving packaging materials, and eliminates build-up of film residue on the sealing tools.