An air motor might be the solution for you if you are looking for an affordable, effective and reliable motor for use in washdown environments.

Air motors from Huco Dyn­atork are said to combine precise positioning and efficient operation with the ability to withstand the rigours of even 100 per cent caustic washdown environments.

The motors can operate totally immersed in water, so even high pressure wash downs are not a problem. With acetal housings also available, the motors are said to withstand most caustic acids and chlorinated sanitisers used in the food industry.

The air motors are suitable for hygienically sensitive applications. The free-floating piston design of the Huco Dynatork air motor results in a product which consumes up to 80 per cent less air than a conventional vane motor, and provides start/stop performance characteristics similar to those of a stepper motor.

In operation, air up to 100psi is supplied to each of three pistons in turn via an integral rotary valve. The free-floating pistons transmit torque on start-up that can be adjusted via a pressure regulator. The result is high torque at variable low speed, combined with very low noise.