Additional EMC filtering options, configurable analogue inputs and enhanced fieldbus connectivity are among the features added to the latest M-MAX variable speed drives from Eaton’s Electrical Sector, which are available with ratings up to 7.5kW.

Featuring compact book-style construction the M-MAX drives can be configured by the user for either V/f or sensorless vector control. This makes them sutiable and cost-effective for energy-saving fan and pump applications, or general industrial applications where accurate speed control is needed.

A large built-in display and operating unit makes it easy to configure the drives and to monitor their performance, while an electronic setpoint potentiometer facilitates accurate speed setting. Support is also provided for users to set up and store two separate parameter sets, with switching between the two sets controlled by a signal to one of the drive’s digital inputs. The versatility of these drives issaid to be further enhanced by their 1.5x short-term overload capacity, flying-start feature, PID functionality and, on larger units, an integrated brake chopper.