Gardner Denver will be showcasing its highly efficient Elmo Rietschle vacuum pump technology for the first time ever at Vacuum Expo 2016, taking place from 12-13 October at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena.

Available on stand W30, Gardner Denver will be exhibiting its range of high-performance and reliable vacuum solutions with senior members of its team ready to answer any questions.

As the market leader in the manufacture of contaminant-free vacuum technology, the company will also be running a free tutorial at 1:40pm on 13 October in the venue’s Enlightenment Theatre. Discussing air quality in the food and drink industry, the session will cover best practice for operators tackling this important issue.

High temperature side channel blower

With modern materials and new technologies calling for increasingly high gas temperatures in conveying and drying processes, Elmo Rietschle has developed its high temperature side channel blowers to meet these demands. Until recently, conveying gases had to be cooled down before entering the side channel blower and, upon leaving the vacuum pump, had to be reheated to reach the high temperatures required for processing.

Now, however, Elmo Rietschle’s high temperature aluminium side channel blowers can withstand up to 200oc, ensuring operators avoid any additional costs traditionally needed to process these gases correctly. Offering low operating and energy costs, Gardner Denver will be exhibiting a member of its popular 2BH1600 model group.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps

Elmo Rietschle’s liquid ring pumps have been developed to meet the challenges posed by humid and wet processes, which can result in lime scale and abrasion. This can understandably lead to a considerable reduction in the performance of the pump.

Suitable for evacuating gases and wet vapours down to inlet pressures of 33 mbar, all of Gardner Denver’s liquid ring vacuum pumps are equipped with built-in cavitation protection. Its tried-and-tested modular design offers excellent space-saving benefits.

The L-BV3151 model on display utilises corrosion-resistant materials, reinforced bearings and a stainless steel shaft in the pump section to consistently ensure safe and efficient operation, even under high loads. It also demonstrates the huge range of sizes and material combinations that Gardner Denver supplies as a manufacturer.

Oil-free claw vacuum pumps

Claw pumps consist of two rotors, turning in opposite directions inside the housing. The claw rotors do not come into contact with one another, while having extremely tight clearances, and their claw shape ensure gas is sucked in, compressed and then discharged efficiently.

Delivering an ultimate vacuum at continuous operation of 200 mbar, the highly efficient, dry-running claw vacuum pump on Gardner Denver’s stand will be the VLR 501. The unit offers low maintenance, integrated air-cooling without an additional cooling medium.

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