Fluid pumping specialist, Dura Pump, has developed a strategy for growth over the next few years, and a key component is the launch of its new brand and website from April 4th. Midlands-based Dura Pump consulted with customers during the process to ensure its marketing helps them to understand and access its engineers’ deep knowledge and experience not just in pumps, but also in the huge variety of systems in which pumps are crucial. This, combined with a particularly strong customer service ethic, has earned the company preferred status with many of its customers and specifiers.

Bradley Ford, Marketing Manager at Dura Pump, explains: “During the strategy process we took a good look at what we have built over the years, and in consulting with customers realised that we are not telling enough people about it. We have realigned our offering with what the marketplace needs, and want to ensure that companies and facilities management teams have every confidence that we are the right partner for them.”

Part of Dura Pump’s strategy process was to commission a series of workshops where they reviewed, refreshed and reconfirmed the principles that define important aspects of how the company operates. They identified key strengths in finding energy-efficient solutions which prove solidly reliable in the long term, designing and tailoring innovative systems for common and uncommon needs, and being particularly approachable and helpful in their dealings with customers.

Ford continues, “We have focused on making our entire service more efficient, and on expressing clearly that we are here to ensure our customers’ systems run effectively and reliably, so their businesses benefit. We offer a huge amount of experience in all types of fluid pumping solutions, enjoy being proactive and we really care about our customers.

“Pumping technology has moved forward so much in the past few years, which means we often come across old, inefficient systems, and can provide solutions that make huge savings on both energy consumption, and money.  With every change we see, we are continually improving and adapting our approach.”

To find out more visit www.durapump.co.uk or call 01604 648800. Dura Pump is also on Twitter @DuraPump.