WERMA offers clever solutions that simply work

In many manufacturing and process applications it is necessary to indicate machine status/faults/warnings by means of signal lights/beacons/traffic light systems. Machines and equipment are not always PLC controlled and therefore there are many instances where the application has to be monitored and controlled by PC. Typical applications include call centres, automatic check-out systems or for monitoring data produced by lab equipment. The optimum solution here is WERMA’s LED 816 Multicolour beacon or the terminal elements with USB interface for signal towers from the KombiSIGN 71 and 72 families.

Wide ranging options without a separate power supply
These innovative solutions from WERMA are controlled directly from the computer and are therefore quick and easy to install. Neither a separate power supply nor additional hardware is needed, since the USB interface of these WERMA solutions is based on standardised interfaces. In addition to actuation via a DLL (Dynamic Link Library), the USB solutions can also be set in operation quite simply via a VCP (Virtual-COM-Port). Integration into the customer-specific software therefore presents no problem.

USB terminal element for KombiSIGN 71 + 72 signal towers

Thanks to the USB terminal element, the individual light elements can be controlled directly via the USB interface. Up to five signal towers per computer can be connected with a maximum of five light elements (incl. sounders) each. The optimised electronics allow each of the signal tower tiers to be actuated as a flashing or permanent signal. This means that up to ten different operating statuses can be indicated with just one signal tower.

LED 816 Multicolour beacon – the multi-colour marvel with

USB interface

With more than 200,000 colours, the new LED Multicolour 816 beacon from WERMA can make a wide range of statuses or results visible. Wherever there is a computer or a control unit with USB interface to hand, the beacon can generate an appropriate optical signal. Applications in both industrial, retail and life-style applications are limitless. The beacon is simply connected to the USB 2.0 or 1.1 interface of a computer with a Windows operating system. Once the driver has been installed, the beacon can be actuated easily as a serial interface.

The customer is free to choose and to program the colours and light effects as desired. Thanks to RGB LEDs, users can choose from a wide range of more than 200,000 colours. Customised light effects can be programed including a permanent or flashing light, a special flashing rhythm or colour cycles using any of the colours selected.




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