A line of precision stainless steel weight sets for calibrating balances and scales used in education, food, forensic, pharmaceutical, and other laboratory, and quality control applications is being introduced by Alliance Scale, Inc. of Canton, Massachusetts, USA.

Alliance/Ohaus ASTM Class 6 Weight Sets feature stainless steel weights for calibration applications that require greater accuracy than general purpose weights.  Packaged in a wood box with foam to cradle and protect each weight, these kits each include 12 weights that meet Class 6 adjustment tolerances and come with tweezers for proper handling without touching.

Lead-free and clean, Alliance/Ohaus ASTM Class 6 Weight Sets are offered in nine variations including 50g x 10mg, 500g x 1g, 2000g x 1g, and several other sizes in between.  These all-stainless steel weight sets are ideal for checking and calibrating balances and scales in classrooms, quality control environments, and laboratories.

Alliance/Ohaus ASTM Class 6 Weight Sets are priced from (USD) $64.95 up, depending upon size; available at www.alliancescale.com