After the successful market launch of the AV03, AVENTICS expanded its AV product family to include the AV05 (with a maximum nominal flow of 700 l/min) this year. As with its “little brother” AV03, the AV05 features an up to 45% more compact size compared with similar valves on the market. “But the modular range consists of much more than the two valves,” emphasized Wolf Gerecke, head of product management at AVENTICS. “Customers who last saw the AV03 one year ago will be surprised at all the new features the AV system now offers – we have consistently added new options.”

Compared with previous valve systems, the AV family features fast switching times, a low weight, and a small size. As with the AV03, the flow in the AV05 valve system was also optimised. “The valves can be mounted closer to where compressed air is required,” explained Gerecke.

Modular design – more than a buzz word

For the AV family, modularity was also at the top of the priority list. “We wanted to expand the application options for the AV valves while reducing the complexity of the logistics and design,” the responsible product manager reported. As a result, double and triple base plates can be combined, thus enabling the use of any number of valves with only two types of base plates.

The electrical connections accommodate the required modularity while the decentralised fieldbus connection to the Advanced Electronic System (AES) also does its part. The AES processes analog as well as digital signals, facilitating fast assembly and flexible use. Up to 36 valves in a valve block can be actuated via the multipole connection. The D-Sub connection is available with two exit directions, allowing the valve block to be optimally integrated into the system.

The AV series – the latest valve generation

AVENTICS launched its AV03 valve under the name of Rexroth Pneumatics. The multi-patented product, the result of intensive research, has a maximum nominal flow of 300 l/m. “We called all known principles of design, materials, and assembly into question during the development of the AV series,” Gerecke claimed. First, the valve components in the housing were arranged diagonally, saving up to 45% more space. Shorter distances between the actuator and valve allow for compressed air savings of up to 20%.

“The design clearly shows the leap our AV family takes in pneumatics,” Gerecke emphasised. The concept required much more work and expertise than simply the idea of using the maximum length in a specified geometry. For example, high-tech polymers were implemented and a new injection molding process was developed specifically to be able to realise the design principle. The new materials make the product up to 40% lighter.

AVENTICS will present its AV series at the Motek international trade fair for automation. Visitors can find out more about the advantages of the AV valves in hall 3 at stand 3305.