After 20 years of successful and productive working with Mycronic manufacturing solutions, Prism Electronics has now added one of the latest Mycronic MY200SX-14 high-precision pick-and-place machines to its production facilities. The new machine will significantly increase the company’s throughput capacity and as well as providing it with greater manufacturing flexibility.

Prism Electronics is a contract electronics manufacturer based in St Ives, Cambridgeshire. The company’s main focus is on manufacturing complex products in modest volumes, while providing full engineering support and aiming to develop long-term partnership relationships with its customer. Thanks to its manufacturing ethos, Prism has been short-listed as a finalist on the 2014 Best Factory Awards.

The new MY200SX-14 purchased by Prism is a high speed, high precision pick-and-place machine able to place up to 24,000 components per hour. Its addition to the company’s SMT manufacturing resources will allow Prism to further improve its lead times and to address its customers’ ever growing demand for high precision PCBs using the latest components.

The MY200SX-14 uses Mycronic’s patented Agilis feeders, which are well known for facilitating rapid changeovers and, as a further aid to efficient operation, the machine also provides automatic recognition of feeders and components.

“The new MY200SX-14 is an important acquisition for Prism”, explained David Aspinall, managing director at Prism Electronics. “We are committed to providing our customers with flawless execution of their orders and to getting their products to them as quickly as possible. The new machine will, without doubt, help us to consistently meet these objectives.”

“We have been using Mycronic machines for two decades now and the upgrade is an ideal progression for our operations. We know that Mycronic products provide excellent productivity and quality, which helps us, in turn, to provide excellent service to our customers.” 

“In addition, the maintenance support and customer service we get from Mycronic is superb. When challenges do arise – which is rarely – the Mycronic engineers are always on the ball. Making adjustments, installing additional accessories and maintenance issues are all dealt with professionally and quickly. The Mycronic engineers understand we can’t afford downtime and they react accordingly”, Aspinall concluded.