The new BCS Q40 Uniflat capacitive sensors from Balluff are primarily used for content monitoring and fill-level indicators for fluid, powder or granular media. Two designs are available,  GlobalProx for standard applications and SMARTLEVEL for solving previously difficult situations involving conductive media. SMARTLEVEL technology developed and patented by Balluff enables the sensor to see through non-metallic walls up to 10mm thick and to ignore any foaming and film adhesion to the container wall which would cause standard sensors to incorrectly switch.  

Where, for example, standard sensors fall short in the process industry, the more sophisticated SMARTLEVEL is used: thanks to patented oscillator technology, liquid films or dirt build-up on the outside or inside of the container do not influence the measurement result. Even with conductive or aggressive media, users can count on precise measurement results. The previously necessary periodic sensor and container cleaning is not required. Further more no complicated adjustments for many applications are needed, the sensor working straight out of the box. 

With an infinitely adjustable switching distance of 1-20 mm, the “GlobalProx” sensors detects whether there is actually a product in each carton at the end of the fully automatic packaging line or, for an assembly feeder line, whether the workpiece containers hold the corresponding part. ‘GlobalProx”  is also suitable for fill-level indicators for non-conductive liquids and media, such as plastic granulate, wood and feed pellets or powder. For example, the sensor performs valuable services as a leak indicator due to the simple mounting of the Uniflat construction.

The robust devices in IP 67 construction are mounted with screws, fastening brackets or with cable ties fast and easily at the place of use. Cable ties are particularly advantageous with pipes; a specific mounting angle or time-consuming adjustments are not necessary. The PBT housings – measuring just 40x40x10 mm – can be easily installed nearly anywhere.

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