Avery Weigh-Tronix has introduced the Quick Check ZQ375, a checkweigher which uses Black Nematic (IBN) display technology that promises to minimise eye strain and operator fatigue.

The new display technology is suitable for use in applications that require exceptional contrast ratio and/or a wide viewing angle. With coloured multi-segmented under/overweight graphs, the large, seven-segment display provides fast visual notification of weight data while an audible alarm reinforces the visual display.

Darren Waplington, product manager at Avery Weigh-Tronix, comments: “We’ve invested in new technology to design a product that provides a rapid, accurate weight reading. The outcome is a display that can be viewed from almost any angle – above, below or from a wide side angle – without losing the impact of the high contrast, sharp, clear display.”

The new IP69K rated checkweigher is designed with food-grade, stainless steel construction to satisfy the stringent hygiene regulations found in the food processing industry.

With a torsion base designed to absorb shock loads, plus 500 per cent overload protection, load cells are said to be able to consistently offer highly accurate readings in harsh conditions. Robust, hygienic housing, highly visible, colour-coded display and multi-connectivity operation, combine to offer an accurate, easy-to-use checkweighing solution.

With a smooth, polished surface finish, curved corners and easy-to-remove cover, the design minimises the growth of micro organisms on the scale and limits food trap areas where bacteria can thrive. It features a durable IP69K-rated enclosure with Gore Vent technology, to prevent moisture build up inside the enclosure.

Waplington says: “The Gore Vent membrane allows air and other gases to pass through the enclosure while also keeping moisture out.”

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