Plessey Semiconductors, develops and manufactures products for the communications, industrial and medical instrumentation and high-reliability markets. Its manufacturing methods are of an exacting standard involving small capillary tool work.

Iron and bacterial residue had been identified within its closed loop cooling system, illustrated by brown stained water and tea leaf like deposits, which were causing blockages. The blockages were reducing the flow of water which was raising the temperature, resulting in a halt in production.  

The build-up of sedimentation was also a problem when there was a sudden loss of power. Outages would depressurise the system and the subsequent ‘shock’ start would disturb settled particles to cause further blockages.

Crossflow AMF filtration tehcnology engineered by Industrial Purification Systems (IPS) was introduced.

“The CrossFlow AMF worked a treat. Within a matter of days the filter ­technology had fixed the problem and, on-going, we believe the same water quality is being achieved.


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