Wherever every millimetre counts: the compact gantry EXCM combines high functionality with an extremely compact design for maximised working space coverage. The recirculating toothed belt, driven by fixed motors, move the slide within a two dimensional area. The parallel kinematic drive concept ensures low moving, masses , and the drive and controller package is pre-parameterised for easy commissioning. Extremely flexible: I/O for simple control of up to 31 positioning records, or CANopen and Ethernet for maximum freedom of motion!

Three sizes for maximum working space coverage:

The EXCM-30 and the EXCM-40 have scalable strokes along the X- and Y- axes, and are compatible with cleanroom applications. The maximised working space coverage ensures a high level of functionality within a very small space.


Larger working space and heavier loads. Improved dynamics thanks to 48 V supply voltage, for loads of up to 4 kg with maximum dynamic response.


The EXCM-30 is ideal for desktop applications in the area of small parts assembly and handling or for automated laboratory processes. The recirculating ball bearing guide is able to handle heavy loads. Optional: the drive and controller package, and the Z-axis.


Extremely well suited for automated laboratory processes. The plain- bearing guide makes the EXCM-10 very cost effective.

Improved performance: drive controller package with motor controller CMXH

The optional control package for the EXCM – 30/40 includes motor and controller CMXH, and provides additional safety thanks to STO in accordance with EN 61800-5-2. The controller also enables a high -power supply voltage of 24 to 48 V. The I/O interface with PNP configuration provides universal communication.

Ready for trigger on the fly! Trigger on the fly is interesting for both laboratory processes and small parts assembly. For example, pipetting and bonding can be carried out during operation without bringing the gantry to a standstill. The front end unit is activated while the gantry is in motion.