Space Electronics Ltd has recently introduced a range of low cost common mode chokes adding to their already comprehensive range of wound products.


The  Space SEL series is available from 0.5A  up to 8A  They can be used for all AC/DC applications up to line voltage and frequency.

They are constructed using a double wound ferrite ring mounted vertically onto a flame retardant base and a tie wrap top and bottom to secure it.

All parts are Rohs compliant with the relevant UL approvals.

These parts will be available on line from October at

Please also note that Space Electronics can provide other chokes and coils built to the customers own specification.



SPACE ELECTRONICS LTD  has recently updated their web site, bringing  together  all their products including, Transformers, Filters , Coils, RJ45 connectors, Helical bandpass filters,  EMI filters and their range of Electron Tubes for industrial applications.

More details at