Now available from Heason Technology, Kollmorgen’s recently announced PMX series hybrid stepper motors provide a competitively priced and comprehensive solution for uncomplicated open-loop motion control

With six NEMA frame sizes from 08 through 34, each with several stack-length options, the PMX can deliver holding torque from 2.8 Ncm to 11.4 Nm with maximum speeds to 3000 rpm. Numerous standard options include bipolar and unipolar windings, integral connectors, shaft flats & keyways, rear shafts, IP65 sealing and more. Furthermore, Kollmorgen’s flexible manufacturing capability and Heason Technology’s design and build expertise combines for a wide choice of customisation options covering winding modifications, special shafts, electrical interfacing, feedback encoders, gearboxes as well as complete motion sub-assemblies based on the PMX stepper range.

Of particular interest to machine designers and builders will be the smaller sized stepper motor availability. NEMA sized 08, 11, & 14 hybrid stepper motors have been added to Kollmorgen’s range for the first time as standard products allowing high quality miniaturised motion solutions with the same high standard and precision that is synonymous with the Kollmorgen brand. The smallest motor, the PMX08, has a nominal square size of just over 20 mm and length of only 30 mm.

International approvals and standards including CE, RoHS, and REACH compliance apply throughout the new PMX series, making world-wide acceptance straightforward. The new PMX series is supported with a wide range of compatible stepper drives and single or multi-axis motion controls from Heason Technology – from simple step and direction models to high performance EtherCAT and CANopen networked variants.