Cable ties and spiral bindings with metallic pigment detectable by x-ray and other metal detection equipment are an ideal protection solution

Conrad Business Supplies has announced that it is now stocking detectable cable management products from HellermannTyton. The innovative cable ties and cable protection covers are designed specifically for use in the food and beverage production and processing industry. In this market, detectability via x-ray and metal detection equipment is paramount due to the serious potential health, safety and quality implications if products become contaminated during the production process.
MCTS cable ties ensure the detection of ferrous metal between fragment sizes of 1.0 mm and 3.4 mm in diameter. The ties are also resistant to corrosion making them ideal for use in saltwater environments and cleanrooms. MCTS cable ties have an operating temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C.
SBPEMC spiral binding and Helawrap HWPPMC cable covers are ideal for bundling and protecting cables and hoses in new installations and retrofit applications. Both products are highly flexible so simplify and speed installation.  The high metal content in SBPEMC and HWPPMC products ensures reliable detection by x-ray and other metal detection equipment typically installed on food and beverage production lines. They also conform to material standards set out by major industry regulatory bodies such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
All three product families (MCTS cable ties, SBPEMC spiral binding and HWPPMC cable bundling covers) were developed in close collaboration with leading companies in the food processing industry helping to ensure their suitability and practicality for the specific applications and environments they would encounter.
Commenting on the introduction of the new products from HellermannTyton, Jürgen Spörl, Product Manager Category Business Supplies, said: “The food and beverage industry is a huge market with unique needs in terms of health and safety and management of product contamination risk. Conrad is pleased to have a close and strong relationship with HellermannTyton that has seen us establish a comprehensive product range which is now enhanced by these innovative new detectable cable management products.”
Thomas Tyll, Head of Product Management EMEA at HellermannTyton commented: “Conrad Business Supplies already gives fast and easy access to a wide and diverse range of our products. We are pleased to be able to announce that they will now be stocking our detectable products, giving engineers working in the food and beverage industry the same benefits as those working in other sectors.”