'The GHF metal detector from S+S Inspection uses three frequency detection, including very high frequency, for enhanced stainless steel detection.

Designed primarily for the food industry, the new detector head is heavier and larger for maximum stability and durability. The standard housing provides IP65 protection for food industry operating conditions.

Where required, IP66, IP69K options are available. The smooth, surface finish with the  Genius+ ‘Touch’ control system integrated and sealed into the head meets the most demanding requirements of the food industry for hygiene and cleaning.

The GHF metal detector can be mounted on a wide range of product handing systems including conveyor and inclined slide to detect all magnetic and nonmagnetic metals regardless of where the contaminant is within the product. A wide range of reject mechanisms can be interfaced to the Genius+ control system to provide fully automatic detection and rejection operation. S+S supplies complete metal detection systems complaint with all major retailer and operational specifications.


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