'Festo, the automation equipment specialist, has launched a new electric cylinder, the ESBF said to perform exceptionally with high load applications in demanding and challenging environments, such as those found in the food and beverage industry.

The cylinder features a unique threaded breathing port which improves its environmental protection.  The port enables users to apply a positive pressure to the cylinder during clean in place cycles, so they can be sure of its ingress protection for increased process reliability and long life in demanding environments.  Alternative cylinders available on the market are sealed with no breathing port.  This means that there is the risk of contamination of dust and airborne moisture inside the cylinder caused by the vacuum effect of the cylinder rod moving in and out, resulting in premature failure.  

It has a running performance over 10,000kms and thanks to specially designed micro reservoirs for grease, it is lubricated for life with minimal maintenance.

The competitively-priced ESBF cylinder is ideal for push-pull and positioning applications and is suitable for use in splash zones.  It has been designed to meet the requirements from arduous environments and uses FDA-approved food-grade lubrication and has a corrosion resistant class of CRC3.

Sensors can be bonded on to the actuator, to provide the end user with position details for added feedback. 


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