NORD Drivesystems has added an external 24V control input option to its entry level and low-cost SK2x0E motor mounted decentralised inverter. The external control allows the possibility for inverter parameter set-up without mains power, and control availability (including position interrogation) under power failure conditions where a backup supply can be used.

The comprehensive and performance graded SK2xxE product series is directly mounted to a wide choice of NORD standard or high efficiency IE2 and IE3 rated motors and gearmotors (or supplied as near-motor panel mounted drives). With power ratings from 0.25 to 7.5kW, from single and three phase supplies, the inverter features an advanced sensorless current vector drive with a broad selection of standard and optional control and fieldbus communications features. The complete product series suits energy optimised applications from pump and fan controls to sophisticated position based and safety based systems. The modular and scalable inverter allows users to select only those options that are relevant and necessary for their application, keeping costs downbut with flexibility to upgrade systems in the field if required.