Allied Motion’s recently launched EnduraMax 75i integrated brushless servomotor-drive is available from Mclennan Servo Supplies. Combining a high power density 75mm diameter brushless DC motor, an integrated all-digital drive and a 4096 count magnetic encoder, the feature-rich EnduraMax 75i motor-drive has both +/- 10VDC or 4 to 20mA command inputs or can be controlled via optional CANopen or Modbus allowing flexibility with system interfacing.

The EnduraMax 75i will be of interest to both OEMs and end users as a competitively priced automation component for linear and rotary actuators, and for simple distributed motion systems such as parts transport or spacing conveyors. The integrated motor-drive will also be of benefit for machine upgrades – replacing similar sized brushed DC servo motors with much higher dynamic performance together with longer life, reduced maintenance and quieter operation. Its low voltage operation and high motor efficiency will also be of significance for battery powered applications.

The integrated motor-drive carries full drive electronics protection including over voltage, short circuit and reverse voltage, with I2T and Class F (155 °C) rated motor windings.