If you are looking for a reliable and efficient way to connect thick-walled steel pipes, you might want to consider the press fittings of the new Heavy Steel Press systems from SANHA®, a German manufacturer of quality piping systems. These press fittings are designed for water, gas, fuel and other applications, and offer a safe and cost-effective alternative to welding, which can be time-consuming, hazardous and expensive.

Compared to welding, Heavy Steel Press allows both construction projects as well as repairs to be carried out much faster – and, obviously, more economically.

What makes Heavy Steel Press unique?

The press fittings of the Heavy Steel Press systems have several features that make them stand out from other solutions. First of all, they have a grip ring and a spacer in front of the sealing ring, which prevent the sealing ring from being damaged when the fitting is pushed onto the pipe. This ensures a long-lasting and leak-proof connection.

Secondly, they have two rows of bi-directional stainless steel teeth that provide extra security against slipping or tearing of the fitting. This is especially important for large diameter connections, where the forces are higher, and the risk of failure is greater. The teeth also improve the durability of the whole press connection, as they reduce the stress on the sealing ring.

Thirdly, they have a larger surface area of the sealing ring than comparable systems (200 % more than conventionalsealing rings), which means that during the pressing process, the sealing ring is compressed more evenly and firmly around the pipe. This results in a higher bursting pressure and a tighter seal. While the pipe does have to be cleaned, this feature serves to cover remaining undetected imperfections on the pipe surface much better.

The press fittings are made of carbon steel and are compatible with seamless, welded, black, galvanised or epoxy resin-coated pipes, offering unique flexibility. They are also available for gas and fuel applications, with special seals and markings. The fittings come in dimensions from 1/2 to 2 inches, covering a wide range of needs.

What are the benefits of Heavy Steel Press?

By choosing Heavy Steel Press, you can enjoy several benefits that will make your installation easier, faster, and more economical. The advantages are obvious:

– SANHA® has just recently introduced a universal transition fitting as well. This makes connections between thick-walled steel pipes and various other pipes like stainless steel, carbon steel and copper an easy feat for the installer. The new fittings are made from silicon bronze (CuSi), making them highly corrosion-resistant and optimally suited to connect various metals. The fittings are available in a wide range of common dimensions and come with two press ends. While the Heavy Steel Press side offers all the advantages mentioned above, the “regular” press end can be pressed with SA, V and M profiles.


– Time saving: Pressing is much quicker than welding, as it does not require any preparation, cleaning or cooling of the pipes. You can simply cut the pipe to length, deburr it, mark it, push the fitting onto it and press it with a suitable tool. This can save you up to 60% of installation time compared to welding.

– Safety improvement: Pressing eliminates the need for open flames, which can pose a fire hazard and require special permits and precautions on site. You also avoid exposure to harmful fumes and sparks that can result from welding. Pressing is therefore safer for you and your environment.

– Cost reduction: Pressing reduces not only the installation time but also the material and labour costs. You do not need any additional consumables such as welding rods or gas cylinders. You also reduce the risk of errors and rework, as pressing is more reliable and consistent than welding. Pressing can lower your total costs by up to 30% compared to welding.

About the manufacturer

SANHA® is an Essen-based German manufacturer of quality piping systems. The company can look back on decades of experience since production started in 1964. SANHA has four own factories in Europe for the production of pipes and fittings, offering ca. 10,000 products in stainless and carbon steel, copper, silicon bronze, brass, malleable as well as MLHCP. More than 200 certificates including WRAS, KIWA, BSI but also Lloyd’s Register or DNV GL are ample proof of superior quality.


Oh, lest we forget: A slightly different video on the product can be found on YouTube!