Durapipe UK is set to take the industry by storm with the launch of the most technologically advanced diaphragm valve available on the market, offering genuine innovation to the industrial services sector

The new Durapipe Dialock Valve is packed full of innovative features designed to maximise flow rate, improve accuracy and increase operational efficiency. The most unique element of the new valve is the patented locking handwheel, which allows the valve to be adjusted and locked in over 300 positions, more than any other diaphragm valve on the market, offering complete flexibility to the end user.

Offering significantly increased flow rates, due to the optimised design of the valve body, the Durapipe Dialock valve is the most linear diaphragm valve available, with the new internal geometry allowing a substantial increase in flow coefficient values and a reduction in pressure loss. The opening percentage of the valve can be seen immediately by a high visibility graduated optical positioning indicator, ensuring the flow rate can be regulated intuitively by a simple visual check.

Completely corrosion resistant, the operating mechanism is manufactured entirely in glass reinforced polypropylene, eliminating the use of metal parts exposed to the external environment, and making the valve suitable for conveying aggressive chemicals in corrosive environments.

Durapipe’s patented integrated labelling technology, popular on other valves within the range, is also present on the Dialock product, enabling end users to customise the valve according to specific needs, whether that is for branding purposes, service needs or to identify the fluid being conveyed.  With three actuation options available, the Durapipe Dialock valve can also be easily installed into fully automated processes.

Commenting on the new product launch, Durapipe’s industrial brand manager, Rich Pedley, said: “We have always strived to offer a truly innovative portfolio of valves and flow control products and the Dialock valve is just the latest development.

“Initial feedback we have received has been extremely positive and we are excited about demonstrating the product’s benefits to the industrial market; with so many technological advances we are expecting it to be a huge success.”

The Durapipe Dialock valve is now available in PVC-U and Corzan CPVC materials, with ABS and polypropylene options planned to be launched in the new year. For further information on the Dialock valve or any other products within the Durapipe UK portfolio please call 01543 279909 or log onto www.durapipe.co.uk.