Kaye-Dee Marking Solutions Ltd, exclusive distributor throughout the UK and Ireland of Teca-Print pad (tampo) printing equipment and RUCO printing inks have been appointed as the sole UK distributor of the NANOVIS  range of cleaners.

The eco-friendly, clean and efficient NANOVIS cleaners are a completely solvent free cleaning systems for pad (tampo) printing or flexographic printing machines. “We are excited to be able to offer our customers an environmental friendly, cost effective cleaning system that has no liquid waste and doesn’t require any special protection for the operators. Said Christian Simpson, MD Kaye-Dee Marking. “This appointment means we can expand our range of products and help our customers reduce their operational costs whilst also preserving the environment.

The NANOVIS cleaners are available from Kaye-Dee Marking in three sizes and contribute to environmental efforts (ISO14001), improve health and safety and simplify working processes. Solvent based pad printing inks of all common manufacturers are removed fast and easily. The units can be installed by your own technicians.  No air evacuation required and no separate room is needed.

For more information on this environmentally sustainable cleaning technology contact

Mick Beech
Tel: 0114 256 0222

Email: mick.beech@kayedee.co.uk