Tasked with solving the expensive manual process of handling DVD returns at Netflix Distribution Centres across the USA, Bronway Automation, a specialist automation solutions provider based in County Wicklow, Ireland, was awarded the contract to supply 180 production units.

To undertake the necessary inspection and verification checks throughout the rental returns process, the ARRM unit utilises advanced DataMan100 code readers from Cognex to read barcodes on the envelope, sleeve and DVD disc, which is communicated by the Bronway ARRM to a central server to ensure complete traceability throughout the process. Each ARRM unit has nine DataMan 100 code readers positioned at various stations to undertake barcode reading and inspection tasks for 3,600 mailers per hour.

The bespoke ARRM-3600 units were supplied directly to 42 Netflix hubs and all installations were completed on schedule without missing a single Netflix “go live” date.


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