Micromech’s new ETH electro thrust cylinder is said to set new standards in power density and lifetime of electro-mechanic linear actuators.

The ET series of electro-thrust cylinders, which is widely used in thousands of applications has been redesigned and enhanced. The ETH is said to be a convenient replacement for conventional cylinders as well as being optimised for safe handling and simple cleaning. Any limit switches and cables can be hidden in the profile and an anti-rotation device is integrated into the actuator. This design has increased lifetime, and reduced maintenance costs thanks to an integrated re-lubricating hole in the cylinder flange and although very powerful is said to have reduced noise emission.

To achieve precise motion, positioning, setting and actuating the ETH has high mechanic efficiency up to 90 per cent, stroke lengths up to 1,600mm, high traction and thrust force up to 25,100N. The repeatability of the ETH is up to ±0.03mm with a speed up to 1.7m/s.

The typical fields of application for the ETH are packaging machines, food/beverage processing, material handling, feed systems and as a servo cylinder in the wood and plastic working industry. In the textile industry it can be used for tensioning/gripping textile fabrics, for vertical actuators loading machine tools and in the automotive industry for transporting and ­feeding components.