Banner has introduced a software/firmware upgrade for its SC22-3 and SC22-3E safety controller. Version 3.0 is the result of customer and sales feedback for enhanced functionality to the controller. The SC22-3/-3E is a totally configurable safety module that monitors numerous safety devices such as E-stop buttons, interlocking switches, safety light screens, two-hand controls and rope pull switches.

Both the muting and bypass functions have added/changed functionality as well. Directional (One-way) Muting has been added with the ability to choose which mute sensor pair can begin the mute cycle; ‘Protective Stop’ inputs are now allowed to be muted and the Mute Sensor Debounce time can now be adjusted to delay the beginning and/or the ending of a mute cycle up to 1.5 seconds, which can help eliminate nuisance stops by allowing additional time for the Safety Input device to re-energise its outputs. Mute Dependent Override can now be deselected, which allows a standard bypass function of a mutable safety input device.