A mascerator and two Rotary Lobe Pumps made by Börger are playing their part in the success of a five-ton capacity pasteurisation plant on the Aran Island of Inis Mor, off the west coast of Ireland. The Börger equipment is integral to the ABPR-approved (Animal By-Products Regulations) process, which sees the homogenisation and maceration of incoming food waste to less than 12mm. The resultant material is then pasteurised for one hour at 700°C.

Established to encourage greater efficiency in dealing with waste on Inis Mor, The Athchúrsáil Árann Teoranta (AAT) facility utilises Börger’s pumps to transfer output from the liquid phase pasteurisation system to a mixing wagon. Here, the pasteurised sludge is blended with compost and bulking materials prior to being composted and screened. The compost is ultimately used as a soil conditioner on the island, which has seen a big reduction in waste sent to landfill.

Gerry Mullin from AAT says: “The Borger pumps and ­macerator have coped well with the liquid green waste, kitchen waste and other compostable biodegradable waste that they’ve had to deal with.”