Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has announced the introduction of a new ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection diode – the DF5G7M2N. Built to protect equipment attached to communication lines, the DF5G7M2N shields high-speed interfaces such as USB3.1, HDMI, DisplayPort and Thunderbolt from static electricity.  It can also be used to protect small portable devices such as smartphones and tablets from ESD events.

Static electricity on high speed data lines can cause numerous problems, including effecting quality and reliability. The new ESD diode helps to provide stable operation and reliability for these voltage-sensitive lines.

Housed in a 1.3 x 0.8mm DFN5 package that reduces its footprint to less than 50% of that of similar products, the DF5G7M2N simplifies wiring design, making it suitable for high density mounting.  Additionally, Toshiba’s new ESD diode realises low capacitance and low dynamic resistance (CT=0.2 pF, RDYN=1 O). It also suppresses signal quality deterioration (insertion loss) by lowering capacitance (|S21|2  = -1.3 dB @f=10 GHz) and provides high ESD resistance, ±8kV.